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Joined: 21st Nov 2012
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21st Nov 2012

Hello my name is homewood99 and here's my application for admin or mod

Something about my self:

I like to compose music and act. I plan to go to U of I as my college.. (whish me luck)

I also like science because you can experiment with anything you want.

(My age is 15)

What's my minecraft name:


Ummm in don't feel comfortable announcing my name in public. but i can tell you by msg

Why do i want staff:

I want staff because i want o help the server out ALOT.. i have great ideas to get the owners to their next level..

I'm also on minecraft alot so i can keep watch.. I also help players in need and ill try to find a solution.

I will make your server the best it can be by trying my best.

What rank do i want:

Mod or admin

Why do i think im Good for that rank?:

I think im good for that rank because i am a responsible person.. I don't lie .. And this makes me feel great because it means another person trust me.....

I am also Admin on three other servers and 1 Senior_mod on another their names are.

Bananacraft, Junglecraft Redstonecraft skycraft, And i hope this server too.

Lot's of people apply why do you think your better:

I don't like to say why am i BETTER because we are all equal but I can answer..

I think im better because i have TONS of experience.. Ik tons of commands that you might not know, and i could help you alot.


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Forum » Server stuff. » Applications
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